AJC is an association for the rights of victims of domestic moral abuse.  

AJC provides support to victims, their families, and professionals.

Our services are based on a multidisciplinary approach that addresses both legal and psychological aspects. We utilize techniques such as decoding, profiling, and risk assessment.

AJC collaborates with professionals from various fields related to moral violence and harassment, including psychology, law, and social work.

In addition to our support services, AJC conducts research, advocacy, and awareness campaigns.

We actively engages with the media to promote recognition of moral abuse and its proper management.

Our association is unique, the only one in France, providing comprehensive and innovative support for victims of domestic moral abuse.  

Our goals 

Combat all forms of domestic abuse, with a particular focus on protecting women and children.

Offer strategic and personal support to victims of domestic moral abuse.

• Enhance individual and collective awareness of moral abuse through research. This growing societal issue has significant familial, , social, psychological, and legal implications that need urgent attention.

Foster a society based on gender equality , where the identity and dignity of both men and women are recognized and mutual respect is promoted.  

Our "God Mother"

Ingrid Chauvin is committed to supporting AJC.

We are grateful for her valuable help!  


To better identify and better support victims of domestic moral abuse, leading to a reduction in the incidence of such abuse


In France, the law enacted on July 9, 2010, recognized moral harassment and psychological abuse as criminal offenses, alongside certain forms of physical violence.

AJC is dedicated to defending the rights of children, women and men who have experienced domestic moral abuse.

Despite the legal advancements designed to protect them from moral harassment and psychological abuse, these victims still do not fully receive the recognition and support they deserve.

AJC actively advocates for these victims, working with legal institutions to ensure their rights are protected and their experiences are properly acknowledged. In May 2019, AJC was presented to the National Assembly's commission on violence against women, highlighting the importance of their mission and the ongoing need for better protection and support for victims of moral abuse. 


The feeling of loneliness experienced by victims of psychological abuse is a major obstacle to breaking free from control.

Professional support from AJC empowers victims to assert their rights, both personally and legally. It helps them a lot in their battle against their aggressors and facilitates their personal growth, aligning with Jungian individuation: the process of becoming one's true self, free, whole, and connected to others. 


Both civil society and public authorities play a crucial role in identifying signs of psychological abuse within families.

The awareness campaigns implemented by AJC go beyond mere observation.

They provide an opportunity for these actors to alert the relevant authorities or offer assistance to victims of such moral abuse.


AJC strives to transform society and increase awareness of this violence.

Our goal is to bring the invisible to light.

Drawing on our research, we authored two reference books, with the first one being hailed as a 'survival guide' by L'Express magazine.


In 1998, Jean Claude, also known as 'Ji-cé,' committed suicide . He was 38 years old… His act was a final expression of his pain and despair. For years, he had been a victim of moral abuse within his relationship.

This tragic event raised questions, not only for the President and Founder of AJC, but also for others.

Therefore, she decided to establish an association, AJC, to give a voice to victims and to gain recognition for the suffering they endured.

The name quickly became evident: AJC, which stands, in French, not only for "À Ji-cé" but also for "Agir, devenir acteur, sujet de sa propre vie," which translates to "Act, become an actor, the subject of your own life. ".

Since its establishment in 1999, AJC has been advocating for the rights of victims of moral abuse in their private lives , especially within familial settings , providing support to both women and men.

Initially focused solely on providing a listening service , AJC has significantly expanded and diversified its missions in response to the growing demand for support.

Our services include now individual consultations, support groups for adults, children, and adolescents, development of legal strategies, guidance through mentoring and workshops, and professional training programs.  


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